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Why is it good to have my wristbands customized?

Wristbands are accessories often used for entry and identification. By customizing them they will be tailor-made for your event. You can add your own text and/or logo to them to ensure that counterfeits are easily spotted and only your guests are able to gain access.

We are recommending you to customize your wristbands to keep them unique by printing your own text on them. If you are using the wristbands on multiple events we are recommending you to print them in different colours for each of event. This way you can prevent entry with counterfeits or previously used wristbands.

Customizable wristbands offer an often unexploited marketing possibility, so why don’t you make the most of your event by adding your own print? Feature your logo, your slogan, your sponsors or anything you want. A lot of guests keep wristbands as memories, so make sure you will be remembered. If you need further advice on customizing your wristbands contact us or read our blog.

All custom designs are proofed for you free of charge and all designs will require your confirmation before production.

Printing charges

Currently, we have two printing options:

- Priority/Express printing
​- Normal/Standard printing

The Priority allows faster printing production than the Standard printing. There are differences in production time for the different types of products. You can read more information in the details of the specific products or further down. Please note, the Priority production turnaround time depends on our free capacity and the ordered quantity.

The printing of the above products in Standard option takes 3 days, while the Express option takes 24 hours after receiving the payment and the approval of the design. The full turnaround time with standard printing is 1 week (including delivery time) and express is 3 days (including delivery time).


Designing criteria and technical information for the printing.

Tyvek / Plastic / VinylFull Colour TyvekFabric Full colour printedWoven wristbandFabric lanyardsLaminated PassSilicone wristbandsT-Shirts


TYVEK ¾”, TYVEK 1”, Plastic and Vinyl types

If you wish to print your own design or logo to be printed onto your wristbands, please take this into account:

We can print any colour onto the white surface of the Tyvek wristband (even two, easily separable, not covering each-other) using screen printing, knowing its limitations (only vectorized (lineal) graphics and text can be printed with these direct colours).
We do not print with pantone colours on these types of wristbands!
The elongation of the raw material due to precise matching of raster images, printing is unfortunately not possible.
We only accept vector images (.ai, .eps, .cdr) that will give 100% black fill, which figure pixel images (.jpg, .gif, .tif, .psd, etc.) may not contain.

Make sure that the letters are converted to curves, do not contain fonts and avoid the use of block letters!
The smallest font size is 8 points.
Lines, thinner than 1 mm may not be clearly visible on the wristbands.

The graphics should be sent to info@wristbands24.co.uk with the required quantities and colours or send the order number too, if you already have this information. Please send the Invoicing -, and delivery address, and phone number for in case to reach you quickly.

We are charging a set-up fee for the printing of wristbands! The set-up fee is per each design (for example: if one design says „FRIDAY PARTY” and the other design is: „SATURDAY PARTY” two set-up fees will be charged).

Multiple types of wristbands with the same text will also be charged multiple set-up fees (for example: the text says „FRIDAY PARTY” and you wish to print this onto Plastic and Tyvek too, you will be charged two set-up fees again, because of the different type of materials).

The artwork will be sent in Black & White colours because of technical reasons. The wristbands will be produced in your selected colours with the selected print colour. If you do not mark any print colour we will print dark wristbands with white and bright wristbands with black ink. Artwork(s) must be approved prior to manufacture.

Here you can check the templates of each wristband types:

Tyvek ¾” (19mm) wristbands

A = HOTSPOT AREA – 15 mm * 150 mm
B = REPEATED DESIGNS – 15mm * 70 mm


Tyvek ¾”  (19mm) wristbands - JUNIOR

A = HOTSPOT AREA – 15mm * 100 mm

B = REPEATED DESIGNS  - 15mm * 70mm

Tyvek 1” (25mm) wristbands

A = HOTSPOT AREA – 20mm * 150mm

B = REPEATED DESIGNS – 20mm * 70mm

Plastic and Vinyl Wristbands

A = PRINTABLE AREA – 15mm*150mm

Wideface and Vinyl Wristbands

A = PRINTABLE AREA – 20mm * 60 mm

The printing of the above products in Standard option takes 3 days while the Express option takes 24 hours, after having received the payment and the approval of the design.


If you wish your own design or logo to be printed onto your wristbands, please take this into account:

- these wristbands are printed with CMYK digital printing, so any kind of full colour picture, graphic, barcode can be printed on them and even can be individually numbered.
- the creative materials are accepted in 300dpi resolution, without bleed, layered .psd or vectorized (.ai, .cdr ) or .pdf format.
- the printable area is 25mm x 210mm

Tyvek ¾” (19mm) Full Colour + Barcode Wristbands

A = PRINTABLE AREA – 19mm * 210mm
B = AREA CANNOT BE PRINTED – 19mm * 10mm

Tyvek 1” (25mm) Full Colour + Barcode Wristbands

A = PRINTABLE AREA – 25mm * 210mm



Currently there are 2 printing methods available for fabric wristbands. Smaller (below 1000 pcs) and larger quantities (over 1000 pcs) are both available with CMYK digital printing. There is a UV design option available  for both methods for added charge. For more information about the safety UV option, contact our Customer Services team.

Below you can find 5 exact and detailed information about the 2 different printing methods.



The size of the wristband depends on the closures. Available closures sorted by wristbands size:

Metal ring:
Wristband size: 15mm x 340mm (printable area: 12mm x 330mm)
Needed graphic size with bleed: 18mm x 350mm

Plastic self-closing tube:
Wristband size: 15mm x 340mm (printable area: 12mm x 330mm)
Needed graphic size with bleed: 18mm x 350mm

Plastic clip:
Wristband size: 15mm x 260mm (printable area: 12mm x 140mm, visible area / hotspot: 12mm x 140mm because of the size setting holes)
Needed graphic size with bleed: 18mm x 270mm

Plastic bead:
Wristband size: 15mm x 340mm (printable area: 12mm x 330mm)
Needed graphic size with bleed: 18mm x 350mm

Technical information:

- The graphic should be contained by pantone colours.
- We need the graphic size, in the above mentioned size, at least 300dpi resolution.
- Accepted file formats: .ai, .eps, .cdr, .psd
- We need the graphic in vectorized, rounded / outlined format.
- With sublimation print we producing the wristbands in printed full colour.
- Visible area on the wrist is only 12 – 14 cms, on the template says HOTSPOT
- The colours of finished wristbands may differ up to 5% in the colours of approved artworks.

You can check the wristband sizes with more detailed information on the templates below. The sublimation printed fabric wristbands' turnaround time (after receiving the payment and the approval of the design) is from 5-7 workdays to 2-3 weeks with Standard printing, and 2-3 workdays to 2-3 weeks with Express printing; depending on the capacity

Fabric printed wristband

A = HOTSPOT AREA – 19mm * 150mm
B = REPEATED DESIGN – 19mm * 95mm

Fabric printed wristband - JUNIOR

A = HOTSPOT AREA – 19mm * 100mm

B = REPEATED DESIGN – 19mm * 95mm


Fabric printed wristband / CLIP

A = HOTSPOT AREA – 15mm * 130mm


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