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Glowing sticks - activated with breaking the stick

Glowing sticks - activated with breaking the stick

Glow sticks can give an extreme feel for your party or event, enhancing the mood to a very high level. Make your event glow all night with these great party accessories.

Cheap Glowing sticks

Same day dispatch is available!
Free standard delivery to any EU country for orders over 1000 pcs.

These glow sticks will help you make your party extreme and they will create some amazing light effects. The experience given by these colourful light sticks is outstanding. All you have to do is crack them and your event is filled with lights for the whole night.

Tips: Give out some as presents to the first arrivals for filling in a survey or for another small favour.

These light sticks are for a one time use and they are an excellent accessory to accompany your wristbands. When cracked the chemicals inside the stick will react and emit light for up to 10 hours! The glow stick does not require any source of electricity, is waterproof, cheap and easily disposable. Like our wristbands these light sticks are also durable and do not break even under a lot of pressure.

  • Size: length: 150 mm width: 15 mm
  • Available colours: yellow, green, blue, red, orange
  • Light duration: after cracking 8- 10 hours
  • Minimal order quantity: 100 pieces

Chemicals getting on the skin or in the eye should be washed out with a lot of clean water and if there are any allergic ractions please seek medical assistance. 

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  • Quantity
  • 100 pcs
    36,00 GBP + VAT
    Unit Price 0,3600 GBP + VAT
  • 500 pcs
    150,00 GBP + VAT
    Unit Price 0,3000 GBP + VAT
  • 1000 pcs
    280,00 GBP + VAT
    Unit Price 0,2800 GBP + VAT
  • 5000 pcs
    1 100,00 GBP + VAT
    Unit Price 0,2200 GBP + VAT
  • 9 000 + pcs



Here you can choose all printed or non-printed options, by clicking on the colours! This is the guarantee for getting the most reasonable prices. If you wish to order the same surface colour for printed and non-printed wristbands, please, check the printed box first, and click repeatedly onto the colour option for the preferred surface colour, this way you can give the non-printed quantity too.


1. Choose the required product, by clicking first on the category then on the product details, and give the needed colours and quantity.

2. Customize Your items according to your needs. Just sign the box near the quantities and give the printing colour and design the graphics.

3. Click on the cart button and continue shopping, repeat the points: 1-2, or, if finished, give your details in the cart site and click on the Checkout button.

4. Receive your package on your given delivery address! If you wish to choose an exact date for the delivery, leave a message in the Note area.

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Halloween fest, club night or company event? Buy your accessories directly from the manufacturer!
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