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02/07/2021 16:57

It is important to note that the primary function of the wristbands is the identification, to ensure safe entry. Nevertheless, all events are different. This applies to the event location, weather, available budget and the number of participants as well.

In the section below we would like to help you, to choose the perfect wristband type for your event. 

Tyvek Wristband: the base material is excellent quality paper, which is waterproof. This is the most economical and cheapest solution. It stays on the wrist for 2-3 days in good condition (if it was placed on correctly). The base colours are single colours, but it can be printed with any pattern or text. The sticky surface is designed for one-time use, ensuring that the wristband is NOT transferable after they have been placed on the wrist. You can write on these bands with permanent markers, but we can even make the wristbands with glitter, UV or fluorescent (glow in the dark) printing.


Vinyl Wristband: This is one of our most durable wristbands. We strongly recommend this band to those clients, who are planning a longer event (eg. Festival) or would like the wristbands to be wearable for a longer time. These wristbands can be printed and NOT transferable after placing on the wrist, ensuring security and entry identification.


Fabric Wristbands: are indispensable accessories for several days or longer festivals. With digital printing we can print these wristbands in full colour with any graphics of your choice, however, orders above 100000 pieces can be woven as well for economical reasons, but the best visual results will be achieved with digital printing without a doubt. Unlike our competitors, we print on plain, soft textile materials and not the ribbed rough and harsh type. The size of the wristband is fully adjustable to the size of the wrist with all 3 available closures, the metal rings, the plastic self-closing rings and plastic clips. The best security is given by the metal rings, which can be secured with the special security clamps distributed by our company and it is impossible to remove or transfer to another person without making visible damage to the material of the wristband. The plastic rings are also very popular and frequent, which can be fastened by just simply pulling it tight enough on the wrist and the teeth inside the ring will stop it from coming off. No additional special equipment is needed for these rings, and it takes a lot of effort to remove the rings or transfer the wristbands. We can print these wristbands very fast in a matter of a few days uniquely in the UK.

Silicone Wristband: are primarily used for promotional purposes, as they are trendy and can be worn infinitely. There are many ways to make your promotional product more unique. These wristbands can be printed with colourful text, or embossed and even debossed. Furthermore, the embossed and debossed silicone bands can be ink-filled, giving spectacular results. We do not recommend these for identification or entry, as these are transferable.

If you would like to know more about our wristbands, please send us an email or send us a request for a free sample pack!